rad books                 wine bar                sour dough


A carefully curated selection of new and
used books, available for purchase, 
in and between the subjects of Black Studies, ~Critical Theory~, International Struggle
& Solidarity Movements.

Fiction and poetry books highlighting
works from small publishers.

Additionally, a modest, lending
library program.

We invite you to be perpetual students with us, learning to learn to learn.

A small bread program focusing on wholesome, naturally-leavened sourdough and baked goods, available daily for take away or scattered throughout our menu.

We are proud to work with the fresh, stone ground and cold milled flours
of Carolina Ground, based in
Asheville, North Carolina.

A wine program that is defined by nothing other than the guidelines by which the wines are made.

   Farmer-focused, expressive,
      vibrant, living wine.

Featuring a menu
with wine bar fare.

Simple, sometimes stolen recipes
from our favorite spots. 

Pickles, spreads,
tins and breads.



We are an owner-operated estblishment, deeply committed to
an ongoing practice of harm reduction, and will do our part to
welcome and care for marginalized folks wthin our community and beyond.

Racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia
and other forms of harm and/or oppression will not be tolerated
within our space, and we will intervene with care
if and when these forms of harm occur.